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Microsoft Agents

Microsoft Agent 2


Microsoft Agents

Microsoft®  Agents are very powerful animated characters that can  talk, listen and take action.  Windows 2000 & ME comes with them built in. You have to install the individual characters however in order to see them.  It is easy to install them for Windows 95/98/NT.  There are hundreds of characters to choose from.  I myself, have only collected about 70 Agents, but I am sure I will be getting more!  

Remember doing your Windows Updates and seeing the update for MS AGENT 2.0?  Most people download it without knowing what the heck it is. Microsoft® Agents are animated characters.  You have to have the character downloaded in order to view them.  Once you download the character, it will automatically be called whenever requested by a program or web page.  More and more web sites are using Microsoft® Agents as a way to bring better communication and enjoyment to their site.  If you have MSagent installed as well as the characters, you will see them used here on my site, as well as others.  There are many sites that provide MicroSoft® Agent characters and programs.  I am only listing these few because there are so many.  These all have links to other sites for those that wish to enhance your Agent characters and programs.  

If you do not have MS AGENT 2.0 installed, please go to my MS Agent Download page and follow the simple instructions.

Below are the most common Microsoft® Agents made by Microsoft.  You should install these agents at a minimum along with the MS Agent 2.0.  These are the most common characters used on sites that are MSagent enhanced.

Microsoft Agent Links

More and more web sites are using MSagents as a way to bring better communication and enjoyment to their site.  I suggest taking a look at the below sites for additional information, Characters and programs which utilize Microsoft Agents.

CyberBuddy Cyberbuddy is a FREE utility program that makes use of MicroSoft® Agents. I highly recommend this program!
Microsoft Agent Ring Provides links to all the best MicroSoft® Agent Sites.

AllProGraphics Not just top notch Graphic Designs, but an excellent provider of MS Agent Technology.
Cantoche Cantoche has specialized in Microsoft Agent character development and has became leader in the field.  Creators of Oscar, James and others.

      MSAgent MSIE5 MASH

Once you start using Agents and fall in love with them as I did, you will want to add them to you web pages.  This is done very easily by using a program made by BellCraft Technologies called MASH.  MASH is an easy-to-use program that allows beginners and experts alike to compose and playback entertaining Microsoft Agent presentations by simply dragging characters around the screen and specifying what you want them to say and do.  Behind the scenes, MASH does all the hard work for you and can automatically generate your presentations into several supported scripting/programming languages.  I use FrontPage to make my web pages.  This program allows you to simply copy and past the script into the desired page.  EASY!!!  If you have your own web page and want to play with this.  You can download the MASH program from BellCraft Technologies for a free 30 day trial.

MSDN Online Web Workshop

Microsoft®  Agents

Additional Microsoft® Agent info from Microsoft can be found from the blow links to the msdn Online Web Workshop.

Microsoft Agent SDK (January 5, 2000)
Microsoft Developer Downloads
Microsoft Datasheet
Microsoft Documentation
Microsoft HTML Samples
Microsoft VB, C++, & Java Samples
Microsoft Office Samples
Microsoft Character Data
Microsoft Technical Notes
Microsoft Agent 2.0 395 Kb
Text-To-Speech (TTS) Engine 1 Mb
Speech Recognition Engine 6 Mb
Speech Control Panel Plug-in 935 Kb

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