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  Key West BBS

Currently I am using Synchronet v3.10F for my BBS.  I just began setting things up the beginning of December 2001, so please be patient.  The only 2 games I can still find registrations for are LORD & TEOS.  Hopefully I will be able to find the rest of the back-up files.  Unfortunately, most of the floppy disks seem to have gone bad after 5 years.  Go figure.  :)  I will be adding more games, message areas and files to the system. 

Clicking the link below will allow you to log on via Telnet to Key West BBS.  As long as you have HYPERTERMINAL installed on your computer, you will connect.  If you use ZOC or another Telnet program, either click on the link or enter into your call list.



Back around June of 1992, I got a shiny new 386/25sx  (BTW: sx should have been sux) computer with 8 megs of memory and an 80 meg hard drive.  It was a top of the line IBM compatible (Acer) with a 2400 bps modem.  I even had a 2x CD Rom!  Well, I got hooked on these things called BBSs.  That stands for Bulletin Board Systems.  Mostly I called local boards to play games, read & post messages and trade files.  I liked it so much that around September of '92 I decided to start my on BBS.  I upgraded to a Zoom 14.4 that ran about $129 so I would have a faster connection for people.  I set up a variety of BBS systems including WWIV, WildCat, Telegaurd, PowerBBS and several others finally settling for Renegade BBS.  I ran Renegade for about 3 1/2 years then switched over to Excalibur BBS for Windows for about another year.  I was actual running both the Renegade & Excalibur at the same time from the same computer.  During my peek, I was receiving 35 to 60 calls a day from different users.  I had over 400 registered users on my system that did call regularly.  With only 1 phone line however, only one person could be on at a time. Then around the fall of '96, BBS popularity dwindled with the the Internet's expansion.  Most local BBS systems, since they were mainly hobbies run by a very dedicated bread of SysOps, went down because they could not compete with the net.  World Wide communication was killing the local guys.  Only the very dedicated SysOps continued to struggle to make them grow.  Key West BBS closed down in the spring of '97.  It was just to much hassle for the number of callers I had (about 5 to 10 a day) and I was on the net during my peek usage times anyway.  Since I only had 1 phone line for the computer, when I was on the internet, others could not access my BBS.

Recently however, the web with all it's wealth of information is actually starting to revive the BBS because of it's lack of personal attention to users.  A BBS provides a sence of community.  You can chat with people, play games against other users and join in on the message boards.

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