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There are just so many good files depending on what you are looking for, I don't know where to start.  Rather then me placing files here that we all know will go out of date very quickly, I decided to place links to some of my favorite download locations.  

CNET's is one of the BEST locations to find anything your looking for.  I highly recommend checking this site out if you have never been there.
ZDNet has a large selection of the most popular and newest files out.  Ziff Davis has a long history of promoting and distributing files for many years.  You may remember ZDTV (Now TechTV) which was and is the only TV channel dedicated to us computer geeks.
Download MORPHEUS!!!  Better then Napster!  Morpheus not only lets you download the newest music files, but also has a large collection of Video, Images and software as well.
Similar to Morpheus, Kazaa's KMD has been downloaded by over 63,000,000 people.  Get it!  Try it!  You'll Love it!
Absolutely the best place to find software for Palm Pilots, Visors and other PDA devices.  If you've got a PDA, you have to check this place out!

If and when I find extremely useful and difficult to find files, I may be posting them here.  For now, please check out these top sites I listed above as well as checking out my Link pages for others.  You can also log on to my BBS by clicking telnet:// to see files that I actually have available for download.


Converters and Viewers

What good is a document you can't open? Whether you create business plans, spreadsheets, graphically rich brochures, or Web sites, If people can't view them, what good are they?  Converters and viewers help you can share files with people who have different versions of Office applications, or even with people who don't have Office applications at all.

Converters allow you to open files created by people using different versions of your Office programs.

Viewers allow people who don't have the Office programs to see your work. Simply provide them with the appropriate viewer along with your files.

bulletAdobe Acrobat Viewer
bullet Converters for Microsoft Office 2000
bullet Viewers and Converters for Word
bullet Viewers and Converters for Excel
bullet Viewers and Converters for Outlook
bullet Viewers and Converters for PowerPoint
bullet Viewers and Converters for Access
bullet Viewers and Converters for Microsoft Project
bulletVisio 2002/2000 Viewer: Web Component

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