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Kings of Chaos



January 31st, 2004
We finally have the news you've all been waiting for! Age 2 will end a week from today, on Saturday February 7th, 2004. Instead of entering directly into Age 3, however, the next several weeks will be a public beta of Age 3. We were so happy with the results of the beta testing session prior to Age 2, that we've decided to open it to everyone. There will be no prizes awarded for the Age 3 beta, but we'd really appreciate your feedback on what you'd like to see changed.


In Kings of Chaos, you are in command of an army of either humans, elves, dwarves or orcs. The aim of the game is to achieve the highest overall ranking - worked out by taking a combination of your attack, defence, and covert (spy) rankings - whoever has the lowest combined ranking will be 1st in the overall rankings. This makes it important to keep your army evenly balanced in all these areas.

To build up your attack and defence strength, you can (a) recruit and train soldiers, (b) hire mercenaries, and (c) buy weaponry. To recruit soldiers you must have people click on your unique link (you can find this in your Command Center). Each time you recruit an additional soldier, your attack and defense strength will increase slightly, as will the amount of gold you receive per turn.

In addition to those soldiers generated by unique link clicks, once a day you will recruit a number of soldiers determined by your current 'unit production' value. This value can be upgraded on the Training page.

To train your soldiers, you use the Training page. Soldiers can be trained to be specialists in either attack or defense - whichever you choose, they will boost that ranking further, while ceasing to contribute to the other ranking. You can also train soldiers to become spies, which will be discussed in more detail later. In this case they cease to contribute to your attack/defence strength and the amount of gold you get per turn, as instead they are being kept in readiness for any covert missions you may choose to send them on.

You can hire mercenaries on the Mercenaries page, but only up to a strength of 25% of your total force - so for every 3 normal soldiers you gain, you can hire one more mercenary. Mercenaries contribute to your attack or defence strength, but do not contribute to the amount of gold you gain each turn.

Weaponry can be purchased (and repaired, sold or scrapped) on the Armory page. There are various weapons available for both attacking and defending, becoming increasingly expensive as they become more effective. The exact strength of each weapon in your armory is dependent upon both its state of repair (weapons become damaged during battles and must be repaired to remain fully effective), and also your level of siege technology and fortifications. Higher levels of siege technology and fortifications raise the strength of every single weapon you possess, so they are well worth upgrading.

Your other ranking, Covert Action, can be raised in two ways. The first is to train spies as mentioned earlier. Every spy you train increases your covert strength, and therefore helps you move up the covert ranking. The other way to increase your covert strength is to upgrade the skill level of your spies. Both training spies and upgrading their skill level can be done on the Training page.

Humans Dwarves Elves Orcs
Gather your troops to fight the coming horde! Come to the aid of your allies and destroy your enemies! Harness your strength and fight for your people! Use your might to spread evil throughout the land!
25% Income Bonus 25% Defend Bonus 25% Spy Bonus 25% Attack Bonus

Each race in Kings of Chaos has a particular area in which they excel. These can work to your advantage in gaining higher rankings, so it is worth considering them before choosing your race:

bulletHumans earn 25% more gold each turn than the other three races. This can be used to buy more weaponry or train more soldiers.
bulletElves are 25% better at covert action than any other race. This can be a great advantage when spying on or sabotaging other people's armies.
bulletOrcs attack with 25% more strength than the other races. The advantages to this are obvious, giving you a much better chance of defeating other armies in combat.
bulletDwarves are 25% stronger at defending than any other race. This makes it more likely that they will withstand enemy attacks, enabling them to keep their gold for themselves.


Kings Of Chaos or KOC for short is an online

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