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Sony DTV System
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  [Product Image]  Sony Satellite System

Small, 18 Inch Dual LNB Antenna receives Ku-band transmission
SignalSeekerTM LED is a supplied accessory that should be connected to your LNB during antenna installation. When properly attached the LED will show constant illumination. As you maneuver your antenna into proper position, the LED will blink faster and faster to indicate alignment with the satellite signal. When installation is complete, remove the SignalSeeker and replace with coaxial cable.
Lightweight Steel Construction
Round LNB Arm Minimizes Snow Build-Up to maintain signal quality in winter
Adjustable Pole Mounting Position
Fixed Position permanently points in one direction because all DSS® satellites are located in the same orbit
32-Bit Microprocessor for fast on-screen menu operation
Two Sets of Audio/Video Outputs, one for your television set, the second for your audio/video system
S-Video Output for higher picture quality when connecting to your TV with S-Video Input
ACCESS Card located in back of unit for added security
Low Power Consumption, Cool Operation
RF Input accommodates cable TV or local TV antenna to deliver local programming
9-Pin Low Speed Data Port for connection to future peripherals
Message Indicator lets you know that you have a new message
Auto Title Insert for VCR recording automatically records program information at the beginning of any Timer & Record function. This insert at the beginning of the tape will feature program title, total program time, station logo, station name, channel number and the program's content rating. The user selection of "on" or "off" for this feature appears in the VCR Control screen.
SmartFileTM Compatibility allows your digital satellite receiver to send the following information automatically when you record a program with a Sony SmartFile VCR: program title, program category, program date/time and duration.
One Button Record with VCR controller to set the digital satellite receiver's timer function to automatically start and stop the recording function of your VCR
10-Event Programmable Timer
Timer LED
RM-Y139 Remote Commander® Remote Control
REMOTE COMMANDER® Remote Control also operates many brands of television sets, cable converter boxes1 and VCR's
LED Indicators for TV, Satellite, and VCR indicate the device the remote control is operating
Direct Access to Favorite Stations, Station Index, Category and Main Program Guide
On-Screen Menu and Guide System Featuring Media WindowTM Our latest On-Screen Menu System is all about choice and ease of use. Media Window introduces a totally appealing visual concept. All the information that you need is displayed on screen at the same time with your program moving into a one-quarter screen. You can look at a lot of stations or just a few. You can organize your programs the way you like to see them. You can choose by category or sub-category. And your Station Index features a grid with programmers' logos for easy identification.
Program Guide shows the picture and sound in the one-quarter screen window while you highlight different programs in the menu guide at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, program information is displayed in the right-hand quadrant of the screen.
Station Index with Surf Option lets you view your current program while you surf using the graphical index with programmers' logos. Program information will appear in the right-hand quadrant of the screen.
Category Guide displays program choices by type including Sports, Movies, Music.
Favorite Stations Guide lets up to 4 people set up to 8 of their favorite stations in memory
Display Options lets you choose among 8 color choices, numerical or alphabetical listings and surf on or off.
Custom Stations display lets you set up which stations will be excluded in the Program Guide, Category Guide and Station Index


Antenna Type 18" Parabolic, Fixed mount
LNB Input Frequency 12.2 - 12.7GHz
LNB Feed Circular
LNB Output Jack "F" type female coaxial (2)
LNB Output/Receiver Input Frequency 950 - 1450MHz
LNB Output/Receiver Input Polarity Dual
Receiver Satellite Input Jack "F" type female coaxial
Receiver Antenna Input Jack "F" type female coaxial
RF Output "F" type female coaxial
VCR Control
Video Output Phono type (2)
Audio Output L/R phono type (2 pairs)
S-Video Output 4-pin mini DIN
Low Speed Data Interface 9-pin D-Sub connector
Telephone Interface RJ-11C modular jack
Power Requirements 120V AC, 60Hz
Power Consumption 20W, maximum
RM-Y139 Remote Commander® Infrared Remote Control with 2 AA batteries, Audio/Video cable Telephone line cord, RF Coaxial Cable, VCR controller, AC power cord, Instruction Manual, Access Card, SignalSeekerTM
Receiver: 3 lbs 4 oz (1.5kg)
Antenna: 8 lbs 4 oz (3.8kg)
Receiver: 11" x 2 1/2" x 9" (280 x 66.5 x 228.5mm)
Antenna: 185/8" x 31" x 255/16" (473 x 787 x 643mm) including mounting arm and LNB arm


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