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  Cable & Satellite 

Television.  Some people live for TV, other don't understand why people just don't read more books.  I myself not only watch a lot of TV, but have been in the telecommunications field for almost 15 years now.  I have gone from cable rebuilder, to installer, to technician to CLI technician, to supervisor, to Technical Support Supervisor, to Technical Operations Director between cable and satellite.  I have had the opportunity to see the industry as contractor, employee and as management.  The one constant that I have always paid the most attention to has been customer support.  Whether it has been to the end user or the cable or satellite company that I provided service for, customer support has always been my priority.  I have worked directly for or done work for a variety of cable companies including Sammons, Time Warner, TCI, Comcast, Susquehanna Communications, Cox, Cablevision, Alert Cable, Media One and several others that I can not recall at this time.  In the satellite field, I have had the pleasure to work or have done work for Time Warner Satellite Services, Digivision, Valley Antenna, Satellite Services, Broadband Services, Bell Atlantic, Verizon, Primestar, DirecTV and Dish Network.  As you can see, I've been around the block more then once.  Below I have listed several items that may be of assistance to you depending on what service you subscribe to.  I will always suggest having a professional provide service to you.  I take no responsibility if you try to fix something, and end up making it worse.

Cable TV:  Check out my Cable Help page.        

DirecTV:   Check out my DirecTV Help page.           

DishNetwork:   Check out DISHNET's home site.             


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